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Face 2 Face har fokus på kultur, språk og fagkompetanse for å bygge bro mellom offentlige tjenester, fagmiljø og mennesker med minoritetsbakgrunn.

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Founder Rashmi is a nature enthusiast who was immediately drawn to Norways culture of "gå på tur", but felt the need for good healthy alternative to eat in the nature- a well balanced good to go bar.

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Ramaas bolig utvikler en kooperativ boligkjøpsmodell som:

- Gjør det lettere for flere å bli boligeiere,

- Baserer seg på leie til eie og sikrer faste kostnader over lang tid

- Muliggjør mer sparing tidlig i livet

- Bygger sosial bærekraft for det norske samfunnet

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Noahs Ark Catering leverer catering mat fra midtøsten, laget fra hjertet av syriske kokken Daniel Elhomsi.

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InMarket is a digital bridge between companies and education. Our concept is based on personal and physical encounters with jobs, potential colleagues and employers.


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At Hobbsters, we say that our hobby is to help others find their hobbies. We work to promote the joy of learning new hobbies to keep the body & mind active.

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Trop X er et kreativt studio som leverer tjenester innen event, medieproduksjon og SoMe-kommunikasjon.

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Network for Work is on a mission to unlock the potential of international talent through a community that supports growth and independence, as well as to shine the light on international talent.

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Masala means spice, and Masala Magic equips you to do magic with your Indian Cuisine. We teach you how through our cooking workshops in Oslo. You can also find our products in many of Norway ́s grocery stores as well as kolonial.no and do it yourself at home in your own kitchen.

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We help businesses take care of their employees abroad.
We identify and break down the global mobility
barriers that limit global growth potential.

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Cloudberry is a video production house based in Oslo, bringing bold artistic authenticity, and simply highly creative content. We use clients projects to create our art, video art, script, stop-motion, 2D animation and live streaming