• You are a first generation immigrant to Norway with a resident and working permit, or you are a part of a diverse team. 
  • You have a great idea that covers a customer need, and your product/service has a viable business potential and a strong element of scalability 
  • You and your team have the motivation to succeed
  • You have the X factor – and it shines through in your application
  • You will receive over 1 million NOK in business development into your company as a part of the program in exchange for 10% equity


You can write your application in Norwegian or English.

Name *
Here we need you to write your company's ambitions, what is your product and what is it about your product that will upgrade and/or is better than similar or existing companies that already exist. Please write detailed.
Who is your product for, and please write why you believe your company will cover your target group's needs. And also how it will cover their need. Here we are asking for why your company will be able to cover needs. In detail, please
An example is: If it is a physical product, then how far have you come with developing it. From the idea stage till its physical state, where in this process are you today? In detail, please.
Here we wish you to write about how your business will make money. How is your budget, how will your company make profit. How many employees are you aiming for, and how will you be able to pay them. This is for us to see the economical aspect of your business. The more detailed you write here, the better your chances will be to make sense of your businesses prospect to be sustainable. In detail, please.
An example for an answer to this question is; If your business is a food truck, then all other food truck will be your competitors. Often businesses have more competitors then they realize, Here it would be a good idea to do some research.
Please confirm that you will send CVs of you and the core team, together with other relevant information (e.g. budgets, business plans, etc.) to charge@charge.no with your project name in the subject field. *

The information submitted as part of the Charge application will be used for admissions purposes only. We invite you to apply with confidence and know that it would be against our best interests to break your trust.