• You are a first generation immigrant to Norway with a resident and working permit, or you are a part of a diverse team.

  • You have the X factor – and it shines through in your application

  • You will receive a package of business development and get workshops from leading industry players.

  • You will need to attend workshops, community events and internal meetings.

  • The next program starts feb 2020 and lasts until october 2020



You can write your application in Norwegian or English.

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An example is: If it is a physical product, then how far have you come with developing it. From the idea stage till its physical state, where in this process are you today? In detail, please.
What do you want to have special focus on in the program?
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The information submitted as part of the Charge application will be used for admissions purposes only. We invite you to apply with confidence and know that it would be against our best interests to break your trust.