Welfare 2.0 is a flexible 10-month accelerator for entrepreneurs who wish to grow their health- and welfare-related ideas into successful businesses.


The problem

Many startups struggle with getting the funding to get going. This is a well-known problem for many entrepreneurs. For startups in the health- and welfare industries, their problems are more complicated:

  • They struggle with finding the platforms to test their products and services.

  • They struggle with navigating markets bound by complex laws.


Introducing: Welfare 2.0 

Welfare 2.0 is a customized 12-month Incubator and accelerator program, that provides health- and welfare startups with the tools needed to build a successful business. We offer:


Financial support

  • 200.000 NOK in funding

  • Access to a network of investors

Hands on support with business development

  • Access to business developers

  • Help with developing strategy and business plan

  • PR, communication and marketing

Access to testing and prototyping resources in health- and welfare sectors

  • Reach 22.000 potential customers in multiple health- and welfare sectors

  • Test and develop together with up to 10.000 employees


Charge + NHC

What is Charge?


Charge is a a startup incubator targeting first generation immigrants or refugees who are passionate about growing their idea into a successful business.

What is NHC Group?

NHC logo dark blue.jpg

NHC Group is a multinational company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. NHC Group consists of multiple companies in fields such as health care, preschools, integration services, and individual and family services. You can learn more about NHC Group on their website.

Charge + NHC

Together, Charge and NHC group will host a 9-month incubator program geared towards all health- and welfare-related startups. Charge - with their experience with startups - will guide the startups through many tasks, such as business development and acquiring funding. NHC Group - with their expertise in health- and welfare industries - will help the selected candidates navigate in these industries.