Criteria for Welfare 2.0

  1. You have founded a company for your business idea. If you haven’t, do it as soon as possible.

  2. Your idea is health- or welfare-related, or may have some relevance in these industries.

  3. You are proactive - you participate in the program’s multiple workshops, community events, and internal meetings.


Application for Welfare 2.0

Name *
Your business idea
Have you established a company for your idea? *
Have you established a company?
Write the legal name or trade name of your company
What problems will your product/service solve? Who is it for?
For example: if your business idea is for a physical product, how far have you come with developing said product? Are you still in the idea stage? Have you started prototyping? Are you close to finishing a mass production version of the product?
Explain your business model and how you will make ends meet with this product/service.
How many are working on this project/company?
How many people are you? What role do you cover? What experience do you have? What is the current work status of all members?
Have you started a business before?
Do you have any other investors lined up?
Where did you hear about the Welfare 2.0 program?
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The details in this form will only be used to evaluate the application for the "Welfare 2.0"-program.