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Diversity enriches society when it's managed properly


Diversity enriches society when it is managed properly so that everyone has a fair chance to contribute with their uniqueness. 

Many in the Norwegian business community know and want to contribute to a more enriching society by opening their businesses, contributing with their expertise and networking.

Charge was founded by Aiman Shaqura who him self came to Norway in 1991 as a refugee, and has since gained more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur with great success. He has received several awards for his work and achievements.

But watching the growing need for more inclusion in society he decided to scale down on his own business and rather spend his time doing something about the matter. He engaged himself in building Give a Job in 2015 that hosts events in cities around Norway that provide an opportunity for the local business community and refugees to meet, have a look at www.giveajob.io

He saw the need to also need to work on a solution to basically do the same thing for entrepreneurs how wanted to realise their business dreams but where lacking the right network and B2B competence team around them. Soon he discovered that many well-established businesses where interested in creating the ‘next practice’ in inclusion and diversity management.

Charge was then launched 10. Mai 2017 knowing that some of the brightest heads and most motivated souls are found amongst first generation immigrants working to settle in a new country.

Charge aims to help society reach the unleashed potential in the inclusion of academic competence and professional experience amongst new countrymen and -women.