We believe many immigrants have knowledge, skills, perspectives and motivations that can contribute to generate value and job creation, but they lack a platform to realize their potential and their ideas when they come to Norway.


The potential among first generation immigrants is large, but the barriers are the following:

Lack of knowledge and access to the Norwegian business culture and society to build a successful business and industries is key to business success: When you are new to a country you do not have the same knowledge and access to the business culture and society. The entrepreneurs in Charge will be hosted by industry partners that provide valuable experience and an inclusive, vibrant work environment.


Lack of knowledge of formal and informal rules: The Norwegian business culture is built on trust. Lack of knowledge of formal and informal rules can lead to misunderstandings and uncertainties. Entrepreneurs need that kind of knowledge to build trust, make the right business assessments, maintain contacts and contracts. 


Lack of knowledge of legislation and interaction between government and industry: The Norwegian public sector is a large sector, and the entrepreneurs can miss out on great opportunities if they do not have knowledge of how to trade with this sector, and how they operate.


Lack of operational help and close follow-up: When you are new to a country you operate in an unknown market. To operate in that market will take time and resources. With operational support and close follow-up, entrepreneurs will not lose momentum (motivation) when trying to navigate in the Norwegian market and run their business.


Missing relevant and professional network: In the Norwegian market a lot of the agreements, employments and trades are being done off-market (within a network). When missing the relevant and professional connections, entrepreneurs have limited access to their target market.


Diversity enriches society when it’s managed properly.
each new immigrant represents an opportunity 

Many in the Norwegian business community know and want to contribute to a more enriching society by opening their businesses, contributing with their expertise and networking. 


The founder

Charge was founded by Aiman Shaqura who him self came to Norway in 1991 as a refugee, and has since gained more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur with great success. He has received several awards for his work and achievements. The current debate in Norway is very much focused on the negative consequences of refugees coming to Norway. Too few people understand how new inhabitants can represent an opportunity to create significant value.

The need for innovation and entrepreneurship is pressing as fossil fuels are becoming less dominant in the world economy. Digitalisation is challenging established businesses. Public sector is forced to become more efficient. Old jobs disappear, and new opportunities open. The need for businesses growth, that can create high value and new jobs, has never been greater.



Funding partners

A range of leading players in the Norwegian corporate scene support Charge Incubator. They are a leading player in their field, and they fully support Charge's ambition of improving inclusion of first generation immigrants. The program partners will support with their knowledge and experience into our program components.

Charge is supported financially by different stakeholders on a project basis. In 2018-19 we are supported by Lundin Foundation, IMDI, Innovation Norway, Oslo and Akershus Fylkeskommune.


Management consulting company with Nordic heritage and global reach. Voted #1 in Culture among major consulting companies in Europe by Vault in 2016.


KPMG is an international network of audit and advisory firms currently employing 190,000 staff in 155 countries around the world.


Hero is a private company offering services aimed towards the target groups asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants. We are one of the largest organizations in Norway within our field. We established our first reception center in 1987 and have since played an important role in the development of the Norwegian reception system.


Reodor is an innovations studio working with creating, building and accelerating products and services. The Oslo based agency works with understanding challenges and identifying new business opportunities, design and development of products and services, and market validation and product/market fit for existing solutions.


The Lundin Foundation works in partnership with the Lundin Group of companies, host governments, and local communities to improve the management of, and benefit streams from, resource development projects. Operating across diverse geographies, each with a unique cultural and socio-economic context, our aim is to ensure inclusive benefits for generations to come. 


Amesto is a family-owned business with a startup spirit. The company supplies a range of services across accounting, recruitment, outsourcing and translations services.


Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. They support companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation.


High expertise communications agency specializing in team building, leadership development and media training. In Charge they will help the candidates find and develop their best qualities in order to increase their chances of success. 


Friskgården contributes to long-term healthy employees and health-promoting working environment. Their mobile professional team with specialists in working life ensures best practice in the field of work inclusion.


LBNO delivers Lean Business Entrepreneurship Platform. This is a digital toolbox that helps entrepreneurs and business developers to create structure in startups and development proceses. The platform is free to use for entrepreneurs, and you can customize it in any way you want, by simply choosing the boards you want to work with. Our platform is designed to unbox business ideas,- a digital workflow for any venture to build, test and adapt new business ideas.


Hjelle Eiendom are providing office spaces and meeting rooms to companies with great facilities. They are located at Nydalen, Oslo. 


Toptemp is passionate about making life better for their candidates - and customers. Through technology, personal engagement and a playful attitude they discover and attract talent by creating unique and memorable experiences. 

Since 1990 they’ve discovered and shared talent nationwide - and internationally. Toptemp help their customers recruit from a diverse pool of qualified candidates in most industries and academic fields; Engineering, Offshore, Electro, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Human Resources, Warehouse and Logistics, Administration, Retail, Hotel and Restaurant, Sales and Marketing, IT and Technology. 


Fiken er et regnskapsprogram for ikke-økonomen, som skal være enklest mulig å bruke for alle uten særlig regnskapserfaring. I Fiken finner du begreper som "kjøp" og "salg", daglige uttrykk, ikke komplisert regnskapsterminologi. Funksjonene som presenteres er de som er aktuelle for de fleste små foretak, og målet er å gjøre regnskap så enkelt at alle kan klare å føre regnskapet selv.

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Hjelle Regnskap & Økonomi AS is an authorised accountancy agency that offers services to companies across Norway. With our cloud-based solutions we are accessible all over the world regardless of where you are situated. We use the technology that is already available and tailor it to your needs and assist in the integration of our ERP-platform. We deliver flexible solutions and offer most accounting, economics, and counsel services. Personal follow-up and effective solutions are always a focus at our company.

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The core team behind Charge Incubator is a diverse group of people who are equally passionate about helping others succeed, whether it's through strategic advice, business development or communication. The team provides experience in a variety of fields and work closely with Charge to ensure that the program offers the very best platform of growth for early stage startups.


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